Tips to Safely Delay Your Period

Periods can be a nuisance, particularly if you have plans for the day or are going on holiday. Fortunately, there are many ways you can delay your periods. Delaying your periods will enable you to enjoy your vacations and all the romance attributed to your holiday. Delaying the periods will also allow you to avoid the different sensations, problems and pains many experience during this time.

Many women have used period delay tablets as a remedy to delay the periods for approximately two weeks to seventeen days. These methods will enable you to control your lifestyle, allowing you to enjoy your holiday or days with ease and comfort. There are many available natural remedies that can delay your period with few side effects, however they aren’t as reliable as medical approaches. Here are tips for how to safely delay your period.

Using Norethisterone

Norethisterone is a pill that is prescribed as a period delay tablet. When you use it then your periods will be delayed for approximately seventeen days. Before taking the pill, you should first consult a doctor so that he or she can advise you on the use of the pill. The pill has been considered to be unsafe for women who have either family or personal history of thrombosis. The pill is taken three days before periods are due and you can take them to a maximum of twenty days. You will get your periods in two to three days after you have stopped taking the norethisterone. The pill contains the hormone progesterone that will artificially keep the levels of your natural progesterone high, hence prevents the shedding of the linings of your womb and delays your periods.

Avoid spicy food in your diet

Spices have been proven to boost your blood flow levels, which can initiate the menstrual cycle. The best and safest way to delay your periods is to completely avoid all types of spicy food. The spices include garlic, black pepper and chilies among the many available types of spices.

Drink vinegar and water

Drinking vinegar and water has been considered to be a natural and a safe way to delay your periods. You are expected to take a glass of filtered water and add 3-4 spoons of vinegar then drink it. The mixture helps in delaying your menstrual symptoms for 3-4 days, and when you want to delay the periods for more days, then you should keep drinking the mix. It is recommended to take the mixture of vinegar and water 2-3 times in a single day.

Use raspberry leaves

Raspberry leaves are herbs that have been shown to postpone your periodic cycle. The herb safely delays your periods and has no side effects. You can also dry the raspberry leaves and then make tea out of them. The tea will help in delaying your periods.

Exercise regularly

Being emotionally stressed is among the reasons which cause you to get your periods early. The emotional stress can be avoided by regular exercising so that it can keep you in a healthy state and you will be fit. Engaging in regular exercises will help in ensuring that you don’t get irregular periods hence your periods will be delayed. It is advisable to participate in a variety of exercises such as jogging, swimming, running and engaging in cardio exercises that will ensure your body regains physical balance and will fight the abnormal menstrual periods.