3 Benefits of Whitening Your Teeth

Tooth whitening is today a multimillion industry, and employs lots of people who develop and produce chemicals, equipment, sell these and perform whitening treatments. It’s not just another cosmetic procedure people use to feel more like celebrities, it has much wider considerations and is now affordable for most people.

A Perfect White Smile Boosts Your Confidence

As a part of the ageing process , our teeth loose their whiteness over time, which slowly undermines our confidence. A natural white smile is in a sharp contrast to our skin and lips, and it applies to all races and skin colours. This contrast is something we are socially used to seeing, both in real life and in the media.

It Can be a Smart Investment

There are several ways by which professional whitening or bleaching of your teeth can pay back. As the white smile improves your confidence, you can become more socially active, happier and overall, more productive. This will increase your career prospects. A perfect smile also “sells” better, whether the “product” is you or something you do and offer to people. Whiter teeth can definitely help you in getting a better paid job or increasing your sales.

In-clinic Bleaching Is Massively Effective

All whitening or bleaching procedures you undertake in a dental clinic are deep cleaning procedures based on applying cleaning agents, often with the help of lasers. These procedures have a much longer lasting and steady effect. Your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Do-it-yourself solutions like whitening strips or whitening toothpastes have a short lasting effect which will be eve shorter if you drink tea, wine or coffee, or eat chocolate and certain sauces.

With deep bleaching done by a dentist, you will get a very resistant whiteness of your teeth, so you will be able to take some of these foods and drinks without staining your teeth. Of course, you need to strictly stick to your oral hygiene routine, which includes regular brushing, flossing, and sometimes mouthwash. Note that most tooth discolouring happens due to acidic food, so you should resort to alkalising mouthwashes to rinse your mouth after meals.